Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Zip just got an idea for his next hippy punching"

Some of the things written and blogged about Woodstock Peace Economy's efforts:

It isn't 1968 anymore. Stupid hippies.
Is this some ecofriendly wacko city hall? Sounds like it. ... Send in the Marines and let them take care of the situation. ... lib nitwits

If I were running Ametek Rotron Inc. I would tell the old hippies in Woodstock, "Okay dude, since you don't want military parts manufactured in your wonderfull little liberal town I'm moving my plant to a town that wants the jobs. Now go protest that assholes".By Russ O'Neal

"The Anti-War 60's hippies are still there, Drugged up And angry At Nixon !"

Sad little pee spot in the snow that woodstock is... let these anti-American, anti-defense slobbering leftists wallow in their own excrement. Let THEM defend themselves...We culture people like this like I cultured bacteria in biology classes. And now that I think of it, they are a lot like many bacteria. Parasites of a sort with no redeeming social value that make you sick. They couldn’t exist without others to do their dirty work for them.Let these freaks defend themselves then.Sheep.Why waste energy caring about people too stupid to care about themselves. These people are sick, but hey, they are Progressives, and they just got elected to run the country. Woodstock can rot in hell with the artsy-fartsy, washed-up hippy crowd. Woodstock, NY - World Headquarters for oganic shoelaces. Failed hippies. They remain stupid. I suppose if you are a liberal parasite you have trouble understanding the productive.They should be sent to north Africa to live.Morons.Words fail me. I am simply stunned at stupidity beyond comprehension.

minisink said: You DO NOT have a say in how other people's businesses are run! So get over it nut jobs.
minisink said: You people are nuts.

Zip just got an idea for his next hippy punching, vacation spectacular

Every day I am astounded by another act of idiocity.....

maccabee wrote on Dec 15, '08
To bad that "they deserved Killin" isn't a good defense in court in these progressive times.

nikkirhoades35 wrote on Dec 16, '08
Ugh. Woodstock is a pretty town overrun by mostly freaky liberals. I visited there once and don't think I'll ever go back again, between the people meditating on the sidewalk, the protests along the road, and...well you get the point. This sounds like something ludicrous this town would do.

Let the hippies make wiffle balls and scented candles. REAL Americans can make the stuff that keeps our troops alive and successful.