Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rescheduled to Saturday, December 19 at 4pm: ROTRON IN WOODSTOCK: THEN & NOW

Due to inclement weather, our showing of Rotron’s promotional film from about 1960, "Rotron In Woodstock" has been rescheduled to Saturday, Dec. 19th.
This short movie, made by James Trainor, is newly rediscovered and restored after being unseen for many years. It provides an intriguing period look at the Woodstock of half a century ago, and perhaps a glimpse of some familiar faces. It will be followed by a slideshow presenting some of Rotron’s products at work, and a discussion of the issues raised by the prominent presence in the Woodstock community of this military contractor.
Did you have family members or friends who worked at Rotron in the 1960s? Come and spot them!
Do you have opinions about Rotron’s place in the community? Come and share them!
Would you like to see Woodstock join the movement to create an economy that would provide more jobs by contributing to peace, not war? Come and help find a way!
4pm at the
COLONY CAFÉ, Rock City Road, Woodstock
Admission free ... Refreshments
Sponsored by Woodstock Peace Economy

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Pentagon budget: two important articles

The Pentagon budget: largest ever and growing by Sara Flounders:
"... in the midst of this life-and-death debate on medical care for millions of working and poor people who have no health coverage, a gargantuan subsidy to the largest U.S. corporations for military contracts and weapons systems—a real deficit-breaker—is passed with barely any discussion and hardly a news article. ..."

Democrats Propose Surtax to Cover War Costs by CQPolitics:
"Senior House Democrats have introduced legislation that would impose a surtax beginning in 2011 to cover the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. ..."