Monday, August 10, 2009

Books, CDs and films by Woodstock Forum presenters

Satirical songster Dave Lippman, also known as Singing CIA Agent George Shrub (right) and Wild Bill Bailout, has several CDs, DVDs and T-shirts.

Jeremy Scahill is the author of Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Moist Powerful Mercenary Army.

Diane Wilson is the author of An Unreasonable Woman.

Silvia Federici is the author of Caliban and the Witch and other books.

George Caffentzis is the author of Midnight Oil: Work, Energy, War and other books.

Joel Kovel is the author of The Enemy Of Nature and other books.

Jeff Cohen is the author of Cable News Confidential.

Robert Pollin is the author of The Living Wage and other books.

Mikhail Horowitz's CDs include Poor, On Tour, and Over 54.

The Princes Of Serendip's CDs include What She Said.

Janine Vega is the author of Tracking the Serpent and other books of poetry.

DeeDee Halleck's works include Hand Held Visions.

Tobe Carey's documentaries include Deep Water.

Buy these books and CDs at The Golden Notebook, Woodstock's independent bookstore.

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